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Wall Painting Service Dubai

Wall Painting Service Dubai


In Dubai, there is a high standard resident living their life in some luxury houses and some villas. They wanted to have everything luxury in their houses like their rooms, their furniture, their kitchen, and their gardens, etc. In their house, if any wall gets a minor spot then they prefer to repaint the whole wall completely. But when they want to paint the wall of their house but they are unable to find professional and experienced painters because, in luxury areas, painters are not available. But there is a solution to this issue and that solution is to make a call to Samraa Maintenance Services which provides Wall Painting Service Dubai in which we do repaint your wall with our expertise.

Wall Painting Service Dubai by Samraa Maintenance Services:

Wall Painting Service DubaiSamraa Maintenance Service is one of the most reliable and the most efficient service providers in Dubai. We are working in Dubai for many years with some different services like Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, Repairing and maintenance work and we are best in all these services. Painting is our strength and we started our journey from there. We are proud to service providers as we hold our licensed for working. To get licensed to your company is not an easy job and not every person can get licensed for their company because only quality service provider can get licensed of working in Dubai. Well, we are here to discuss wall painting, so we must know that Wall Painting Dubai Service is not an easy job. Wall Painting service Dubai is the very fine job because during painting many things we have to take in our mind that these may be affected in this process. While painting, roller or paint brush are brushing on the wall which throws paint drops. It is very important to paint professionally because these drops are falling onto the property like a floor, table, sofas and some other precious material. Samraa Maintenance Service always follows the proper painting methods and use precautions which are required in this regards.

Types of Wall Painting:

There is four types of wall painting service Dubai which is using for the interior walls of the house. These types are as mentioned:

Wall Painting Service Dubai1- Water Based Paint:

Water-based paints are the most selling and using paints in current time because of this type of paint in very reliable and durable. One of the best advantage of these paints that they are quick drying paint unless others who take days to dry. These paints are odorless and have a little glow.

2- Oil Based Paint:

Oil-based paint is a type of paint which gives you a smoother look. Oil-based paints take time for frying but they give a glowing look and smooth texture look to the wall of your house. Many people prefer this type of paint

3- Matte Paint:

The matte finish is the thickest paint and gives a cool look to your wall. It is a very little bit shiny and these paints are also painted with some textured rollers.

4- Eggshell and Satin Paint:

This type of paint is mostly using at a place which we used to relax us because these paints give a bright and shiny look which makes our mind feel fresh. Mostly these paints are painted in Washroom and kitchen.  

Wide Range Of Services​

Wide Range of Services

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