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As a homeowner in Dubai, you want your living space to reflect your unique style and taste. However, finding a professional painting service that can transform your vision into reality while staying within budget can be challenging. Look no further than Painter Dubai, a premier painting company serving residential and commercial customers. With over 10 years of experience, Painter Dubai is committed to providing high-quality painting services for homes of any size. Whether you need to refresh a single room or undertake an entire home makeover, our team of skilled painters and decorators is ready to help turn your house into a masterpiece. From wall painting to roof coating and everything in between, discover how Painter Dubai’s bespoke solutions and eye for detail can bring out the full potential of your home.

Our Services

Wide Range of Painting Services

Painter Dubai offers a comprehensive range of residential and commercial painting services to suit your needs. Our team of highly trained and experienced painters uses industry-leading tools and paint products to provide high-quality results.

  • House Painting: We handle interior and exterior house painting for homes of all sizes. Our house painting services include applying a primer, painting walls and ceilings, painting or staining doors and trim, and cleaning up.
  • Villa Painting: For larger properties like villas, we work efficiently to get the job done right. Our villa painting services include all aspects of house painting for the main house as well as any adjacent buildings like garages or guest houses.
  • Commercial Painting: We also provide painting services for commercial spaces such as offices, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and more. Our commercial painting services include painting walls and ceilings, painting interior and exterior facades, and line striping for parking lots.
  • Additional Services: We offer various additional services such as kitchen cabinet painting, roof coating, porch painting, fence painting, and touch-up painting.

With many years of experience, Painter Dubai is able to handle all of your residential and commercial painting needs. We strive to provide the highest quality results through professional workmanship and customer-focused service.

Residential & Commercial Painting Services

As a full-service painting company in Dubai, we offer comprehensive residential and commercial painting services. Our team of experienced painters provides high-quality interior and exterior painting for homes, offices, and commercial spaces.

For residential properties, we offer painting solutions for:

  • Apartments, villas, and one bedroom, two bedrooms, and three bedrooms.
  • Houses of all sizes
  • Fences, sheds, porches, and rooftops
  • Doors, cabinets, wardrobes, chairs, and other furnishings
  • Kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, laundry cabinets, closet cabinets, and garage cabinets
  • And Many More.

We use high-quality, eco-friendly paints and apply them with care and precision for beautiful, long-lasting results. Our residential services aim to transform living spaces and boost home value.

For commercial clients, we provide painting for:

  • Offices, warehouses, retail spaces, showrooms, and more.
  • Indoor and outdoor areas encompassing walls, ceilings, doors, and molding.
  • Logos, graphics, signs, and accent walls.
  • Specialized coatings like anti-graffiti and fire-retardant paint.

Our commercial painting services help businesses project a professional image, improve work environments, and protect valuable assets. We work efficiently to minimize disruption to operations.

Our Services

Our Services – Interior & Exterior Painting Services

Our company provides high-quality interior and exterior painting services for residential and commercial properties in Dubai.

For interior painting, we offer services for:

  • Living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms
  • Staircases and hallways
  • Ceilings and trims
  • Doors and windows
  • Cabinets and wardrobes
  • And Many More.

Our team uses premium paints and primer to provide flawless coverage in the color and finish of your choice. We properly prepare all surfaces through cleaning, patching, caulking, and light repairs to ensure an attractive finished result.

For exterior painting, we provide services such as:

  • Painting or re-painting house exteriors
  • Painting outdoor structures like garages, sheds, pergola, and porches
  • Painting outdoor furnishings like gates, fences, and patio furniture
  • Applying protective sealants or paints to driveways, walkways, and pool decks

Prior to painting, our experts will inspect and repair any damaged wood or siding. We then apply a high-quality primer followed by two coats of weather-resistant paint. Our eco-friendly paint options provide protection from harsh weather conditions.

In addition to painting, we also offer other services such as:

  • Wallpaper installation and removal
  • Drywall installation and repairs
  • Spray painting for a flawless, professional finish
  • Color consulting to help you choose the perfect palette for your space
  • Protective coatings like roof sealants, deck stains, and concrete sealers

Touch-Up and Restoration

Over time, interior and exterior paint can become damaged or weathered. We provide paint touch-up and restoration services to revive paint and bring surfaces back to like-new condition. Services include sanding, priming, and repainting of surfaces showing signs of damage like scratches, stains, fading, or peeling. Our restoration services can make a space look brand new without the need for a complete repaint.

Custom Painting

In addition to our standard painting services, we also provide customized painting to meet unique needs. This includes painting custom murals, graphics, or other artistic elements. We work directly with clients to design and execute custom painting projects that reflect personal style and vision. Our custom services are available for both residential and commercial spaces.

Our Services

Furthermore, Painter Dubai strives to be your ultimate solution for all your painting requirements. With our comprehensive range of specialty services, you can rest assured that we have the expertise and artistic touch to tackle any painting project, regardless of its size, ensuring it receives the attention and craftsmanship it truly deserves.

Cabinet Painting and Wrapping Services

Certainly, Painter Dubai is your trusted choice for cabinet painting and wrapping in Dubai. With our team of expert painters, we bring years of experience to transform cabinets in both residential and commercial properties.


With a wide range of professional painting services available, Painter Dubai can handle all of your residential and commercial painting needs in Dubai. Painter Dubai’s experienced team takes great pride in providing high-quality workmanship and customer service for each and every project. Whether you require interior house painting, exterior villa painting, or specialized cabinet painting and wrapping, you can rely on their expertise to get the job done right. Moreover, Painter Dubai is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction and building long-term relationships. So, For affordable, premium painting services in Dubai, choose Painter Dubai. Contact us now at 0522112800.

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